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The Power of Authentic Leadership

Harold Hillman

Executive consultant Harold Hillman explained the importance of authentic leadership to UC MBA students and other Christchurch executives, at EDP’s latest talk in the Thought Leadership Series, held at the Vodafone Building on Thursday 22 June 2017.

Dr Hillman – an American with New Zealand citizenship – set up Sigmoid Curve Consulting Group in 2006. It specialises in helping executive teams through periods of major change. He spoke of his own personal story as a closeted gay officer in the U.S. military and presented his seven elements of authenticity, elaborating on how leaders can influence successful outcomes through stronger connections at work.

Dr Hillman discussed the importance of authentic leadership and how behaviour in some organisations often drowned out new perspectives and different ways of working.

Here are his seven elements of authentic leadership:

  • Positivity – this is about how you leave people feeling after a tough conversation, or a challenging scenario
  • Real – this is the same as being genuine
  • Edge – you should be compelling with your leadership
  • Vulnerability – it’s what makes us human, yet many leaders struggle with being imperfect
  • Energy – an authentic leader unleashes potential in other people
  • Integrity – this is the essence of connecting with others through your whole heart
  • Connections – an authentic leader brings other people together through a compelling belief in something.

You can watch his lecture online via Youtube